Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentines Day ist gleich um die Ecke!

Vday is right around the corner. Are you ready? After just getting through the holidays it may be the last thing on your mind. But perhaps, with the buzz of the holidays and the running from one get together to another.. things got chaotic. Maybe, a project you started or a person you care about, didn't get quite the full attention they deserve.

Well thankfully, we have Valentines Day. Regular presents for friends- cards, candy, perfume, candles, dinner out, etc etc. All very lovely and much appreciated. But what if..

You're low on funds? Want to be inventive? Have a very picky Valentine?

Consider making someone a present this year. They'll love your inventiveness, even if the project has flaws. Pictured to the left are a few sheets of pink styrofoam. Recognizable from the mass amount of packaging that likely went into the garbage after the holidays. But if you still have some, maybe you can re-use it. Here's a project idea.
1) Take photos of you and your dearest and matt them. This is just one idea; wrapping paper, tissue paper, construction paper, fabric, etc. All great alternatives, all available at the store. Attach them to something at least and fit them in the already created frames from the styrofoam. How? Anything but glue, sew them on, wire them on, etc.

At this point you could be done, that might be enough.

2) But if not, how about taking ribbon and weaving these 4 different sheets at the corners. If not ribbon, maybe strip some of the cable wires we have. They have like 8 different types of wire in them. Some of them are pink, purple, green, and other attractive colors. Yarn, paper ribbon, etc. Just don't use glue.*

At this point you could be done, that might be enough.

3) But if not, how about finding an old lamp from ReStore. There are always lots. Simple fit this new shade over the top. Ta da!

At this point you could be done, but if not.. you'll have to put your imagination to use.

Another great project!
These large overhead images that are sold in rolls at $.50 have been selling like hot cakes (where do these strange American sayings come from?). Here someone has made it into a paper quilt. Wouldn't that look lovely on your coffee table?

* Glue, why are we so anti-glue? Well have you ever cleaned out someones house? Did you throw away lots of things? What if it had been sewed? Sewing is always able to be taken apart and then could be possibly re-used. That and glue has a shelf life, things will crumble and yet have all the old gunk on it still. It goes in the landfill. Let's stop doing that. Really.

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