Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nature Calls

It’s estimated that 17 BILLION cardboard tubes are thrown away each year, which makes up about 160 million pounds of our trash! Most of us have already started recycling, but why not start using these ordinary objects to create something extraordinary! Just stop by The I.D.E.A Store to pick up some cardboard tubes and start creating. Here are some easy Do-It-Yourself Projects:

For kids, there is an infinite amount of ways to turn a simple cardboard tube into hours of fun. They can be easily made into a rainmaker, a rocket ship or even a cardboard tube cupid for Valentine’s day! All you need is a cardboard tube, paint, pipe cleaners, felt, cotton balls and some other odds and ends.
For complete instructions, click here!

Another easy and elegant DIY project is toilet paper wall art! Something as common as a toilet paper roll will be able to transform your white and drab walls into something beautiful. The ideas for this project are endless; you can customize the pattern along with the colors to match decor. This project does involve glue, but why not use a stapler instead, if you mess up you can easily fix your mistake!

Finally, if you have pencils, markers, and crayons that are scattered through out your home, you can create this pencil holder that only takes a number of different size tubes (We have plenty waiting at the store for you!)

Happy Creating!

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