Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween is 23ish days away!

For all those that have been thinking and planning ahead for their costumes. Well here we are to help you out.

There are many categories of costumes out there- adorable, funny, scary, sexy, child like, couple costumes, ugly, etc etc. Well for this blog entry let's go with.. original. One's you may not have seen before and we'll post some more as the weeks progress. Of course, think ahead! It might be 23 days away, but pretty soon it will be.. tomorrow.

Idea #1- Supplies you'll need:
Little decorations to dress up the basket

All of these supplies are available at The I.D.E.A Store!

Idea #2- Beehive
Supplies you might need:

All at The I.D.E.A. Store!

Idea #3- Victorian gown
This is made entirely of recyled materials.
Coffee filters
Tea bags
and much more..

Check it out-

Idea #4- Half human... thing

So this one is pretty intense but there are a variety of supplies at the store that could be used..
Miscellaneous metal pieces
Old trophies
Computer equipment

and so much more that your creative mind will have to come up with!

Just for fun.. check out this

There is a lot going on in this costume.
Probably has string, felt, cloth, beads, misc plastic pieces, etc.. Just too amazing not to share!

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