Friday, October 22, 2010

DIY Halloween Decorations

From the simple to the complex, not too much longer before the little goblins and princesses hit the streets for Tricks and Treats. Get into the spirit! Here's some ideas for things to do at home to spruce up for festivities or just handing out candy.

Well this is cute as a button. Rather self explanatory, but many opportunities for your own creative ideas.

Another idea from this website-

Read through the directions, simple supplies are needed that are available at the store- pie plates, tubing, black fabric, rope, and wire. Throw in random silly string and cobwebs, pretty cool decoration for a house party.

Another great project!
This looks amazingly real. The supplies are paper mache (easily substituted by making your own using newspaper), glue, poster board or Matt board (available at the store), duct tape, paper towels, something for eyes (the example from the website uses earrings), styrofoam ball (maybe available), cardboard tube (available), Kleenex, wire (available), and paint.

Directions are available here:

Or perhaps an elegant Halloween party is your style. How about this wreath-

It calls for a foam wreath frame but also a metal frame would work which we have a couple of. We of course have ribbon but perhaps some Halloween fabric available at the store could be cut to work as well.

 A very simple project. Visit the website for decorations-

And this one is also very cool and will be implemented at the haunted house at Class Act on October 30th.
"A Nightmare on Walnut St."

We have bottles, card stock, yarn for hair, and lots of tissue paper for stuffing.


  1. yessssssssss! thanks for these Halloween decoration ideas . This year’s Halloween is going to be more creative and hopefully cheap too. lol :D