Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Customer Holiday Project Ideas

A customer came in with the idea that she wanted to create an advent calendar for her daughter to use year after year. Carol Jo, went right to work with giving her an idea.
This idea comes from the book 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, one of our fave books in the store and an excellent Holiday present.

It is an advent calendar created from Altoids containers. Our customer purchased small pieces of card stock that would cover the front and paint for her young daughter to create a front decoration for the container. As well she got magnets so that the tins would stick to a metal surface.The store of course has mass amounts of supplies for this project from the Altoid boxes to the things to put inside.

The book where the idea came from is so great because after a little Googling we were able to find the creater's blog and directions on how to create this project. It's such a treat as it can be used year after year and can be filled with any fitting toy for the child's age that year. Here are the directions. 

Another customer came in with a mission. She purchased 50 of our small jewelry sized boxes. Their is a book she had gotten her idea from- Silver Boxes: The Gift Of Encouragement.

The concept with this project, is to fill the boxes with well wishes for people who do good deeds and leave them in locations for them to find them. It's giving appreciation to people without receiving appreciation for your notes. Quite in the spirit of the holidays.

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