Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Projects

Coffee filter wreath makes for a nice holiday decoration. Here's a basic example that requires ribbon, a cardboard (or other material) circle, and coffee filters- all available at the store.

Many variations possible. Perhaps dying them a different color- reds, greens, orange.. or attaching other things such as fall foliage.

Here are the original directions and more pictures.

They suggest gluing them on, but we're not a big fan of glue around here. You could use a hole puncher and sew them with yarn, wire, or maybe more plastic vine foliage.

Easy fabric project that we most definitely have the supplies for.

As well as these pot holders for placing warm bowls of food on the table with.

Many different ideas about creating beautiful table arrangements.

We have some glass containers, wood pieces, feathers, tree wrap, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, corks, foliage, ribbon, and gold flowers. All of these combined would make for a fabolous display!

Plus of course our large selection of fabric could be used for table runners.

And just one more idea out of straws that we of course have.

And needles and elastic cord.

Check out how to do this here.

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