Thursday, September 23, 2010

Name the item.. because we can't...

So thank you to the donation of this item but.. we don't know what it is. So we figured we'd pose the question to our followers, do you know what this is?

There is some writing on it that has brought us to the point where we believe that it came from Stryker Medical Company at the address of 230, Boul. Nilus-Leclerc; L'Isletville, Quebec.

It has a clamp on the other side to fasten it to a table or counter or something. The arms can be altered, there's a handle, and it spins..

We think it might be perhaps used for rolling bandages? But hey so many things could be done with it. How about attach some sparklers and spin it really quickly.. in a safe, adult supervised, outdoor setting.


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  2. it looks like it might be able to be used as a yarn swift, like this one:

    if it is for rolling bandages, it would create "cakes" that allow the bandage to be pulled from the center.

  3. so JD, we think you could be right! thanks!